About the Artist


Caren Hyde was born in the small town of Rochford, England. She graduated with a BA in fine art from Bath Academy of Art in 1986 and worked in photography and printmaking in London before moving to the U.S. in 1990. In New York, Caren completed an MA at New York University, and in 2006 she moved to Northampton, MA, where she now lives.


Over the past several years, my paintings have become increasingly process oriented. I have abandoned brushes in favor of less traditional ways of getting the paint onto and off of the surface. Although I may start with an image in mind, this is quickly pushed aside as I begin to work, allowing chance and the nature of the materials to come into play along with my own unconscious processes. My painting is guided by pictorial logic with elements of interest and complexity created beyond my deliberate action, so what emerges is an image that is both known and unknown. Unknown in terms of precise, concrete location, but known in terms of mood and feeling.


Solo and two-person shows

2017 In a Different Light – Easthampton City Arts, Easthampton, MA

2015 Landscape Paintings – Old Courthouse Gallery, Northampton, MA

2014 Elementum – City Arts+, Easthampton, MA

1996 Small Works – London Buddhist Center, London

1996 New Work – Conductors Hallway Gallery, London

1995 Paintings – Rising Sun Arts Center, Reading, England

Selected group shows

2016 Juried Group Show – A3 Gallery, Amherst, MA

2016 Paintings – Hosmer Gallery, Northampton, MA

2008 Art as Witness – Elusie Gallery, Easthampton, MA

1998 Orange – Holland Tunnel Arts Projects, Brooklyn, NY

1998 Strong Modern – Williamsburg Arts Center, Brooklyn, NY

1998 Vision 21 – The Tunnel, New York, NY

1998 Process and the Image – Eleven East Ashland Gallery, Phoenix, AR

1997 Side Show – Holland Tunnel Arts Projects, Brooklyn, NY

1997 Process and the Image – Ekletikos Gallery, Washington, DC

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