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Additional Information

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Through painting I am able to structure my experiences into a solid form. I will often use personal photographs as a spring-board for the images, but the paintings develop mainly from a dialogue between the painting process and my responses, which include memory, emotion, intuition and spontaneity. It is important that painting remain an organic process, open to change, development and discovery - more of a journey, with the painting as the lead, rather than a formula that I dictate. Needless to say, I have in my years as a painter learnt, developed and discovered various techniques which aid my ability to express myself in this medium and I continue to teach myself - or should I say, "painting teaches me".
Although landscape painting has been a cornerstone of Western Art for over 300 years, I believe it is more challenging these days to be a landscape painter. Photography, film and "land art" are also powerful, contemporary mediums. There may be an over- familiarity with landscape painting and even some questions regarding its validity in today's culture where we have become disconnected from nature. Because of this I believe it is more important than ever to encourage an aesthetic understanding and appreciation of nature. I also believe painting can offer an emotional intensity and a deeply suggestive quality of its own, not found in the other approaches. This quality lies within the realm of ambiguity and the tensions that can be created between reality and dream, beauty and the underlying forces of darkness; between the living and the dead, the familiar and the strange. A place where opposites can meet and exist side by side. Nature, like art, is a process and an experience deeply connected to who we are and where we belong.


1963 - Born in the village of Rochford, England.
1979-1981 - Attended Southeast Essex College, England. Completed two year Art Foundation Program.
1983-1986 - Attended Bath Academy of Art, England. Completed Bachelor of Arts degree, specializing in fine art. Graduated with honors.
1991 - Came to the United States. Settled in New York City.
2001-2004 - Attended New York University. Completed Masters of Arts degree in clinical art therapy.
2006-present - Moved to Massachusetts, settling in the town of Northampton. 


Solo and two-person shows
2017       In a Different Light  –  Easthampton City Arts Gallery, Easthampton, MA

2015       Landscape Paintings – Old Courthouse Gallery, Northampton, MA 

2014       Elementum – City Arts+, Easthampton, MA

1996       Small Works – London Buddhist Center, London

                New Work – Conductors Hallway Gallery, London

1995       Paintings – Rising Sun Arts Center, Reading, England


Selected group shows

2016       Juried Group Show – A3 Gallery, Amherst, MA

2016       Paintings – Hosmer Gallery, Northampton, MA

2008       Art as Witness – Elusie Gallery, Easthampton, MA

1998       Orange – Holland Tunnel Arts Projects, Brooklyn, NY

                Strong Modern – Williamsburg Arts Center, Brooklyn. NY

                Vision 21 – The Tunnel

                Process and the Image – Eleven East Ashland Gallery, Phoenix, AR

1997       Side Show Holland Tunnel Arts Projects, Brooklyn, NY

                Process and the Image – Ekletikos Gallery, Washington DC

1996       Collectables – Conductors Hallway Gallery, London

                Beast – Islington Arts Factory, London

1995       Artspace ’95 – Barn Galleries, Henley-on-Thames